Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Look At Me Now".....

.... nope, I am not conceited, just loving that song right now! In my head, instead of "I'm getting paper", I hear "I'm getting thinner."

     No, I am not obsessed with my weight. For the first time in a VERY long time I am running for my health and because I want to, not with a weight goal in mind. It's just catchier with my lyrics. I don't work so I'm not getting "paper" (Mom- that's gangster for money)

    That being said, I bought a pair of Nike Tempo shorts last weekend. They fit and were really comfortable... in the dressing room. Went for a run in them yesterday and was very uncomfortable. Not because of how my legs looked, but for fear of what was showing. I really wished I had a rear-view mirror. I could see that they were riding up in the front but not enough so that anything inappropriate was showing. But I couldn't see the backside... I was afraid of this:

 Which I borrowed from RunningOffTheReese's

     I mean as long as this wasn't happening, I am A-OK with the thighs jiggling. I mean really, who cares?? I am out there being active! And curves are SEXY! Even Skinny Runner talked about it today, see here.

  My poor husband is sooo worried I am going to end up all skin and bones. Don't worry babe, not going to happen! I may lose a little weight but will never look like this.

     Now that was a kind of random tangent. Good news is I did work out yesterday. I put the poor puppy in her cage and left her :( 

     I got in several workouts:
* 2 mile run (I wasn't feeling it and was feeling a little dehydrated)
* 5 mile bike ride (to and from the gym- it is Earth Day week after all)
* AND a good weight-training workout (which I TOTALLY feel this morning)

     Notice I said I biked to and FROM the gym... Why do I keep thinking a bike ride after a hard workout is a good idea??

     Today's Goals:
4 mile Run
P90X Ab Ripper
Walks with Puppy :)

What are your goals for the day?
Why do you run?


  1. it's so nice to get to that point where you just enjoy your body!! I am not a fan of the super shorts because it does feel like things are hanging out :)

  2. Today my goal is to do what is scheduled: hit up the gym with my trainer.

    You could use a camera self timer to take booty shots.

    I run because I love the freedom, and knowing that if the zombies attack, I'll be about to outrun the "food" around me.

  3. Wow! Awesome goals! Sounds like you're doing some great workouts.

  4. Ah, this is why i have to wear compression shorts underneath my running shorts. They just ride up way too much!

  5. Great job getting all of those workouts in! I love tempo shorts to just wear around but have the same problem running in them so I don't very often. Maybe WannabeRunner is on to something!

  6. Tempos are def my favorite, but sometimes they ride. Ugh.
    I run because I love the way I feel about my self after a good run. ANDDDD, because I don't feel guilty when I eat what I want. : )