Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting Back On Track With Big Strides

   Wow, I am horrible at remembering to post on here! What a crazy couple of weeks it has been, study, study, study all the time. Finally got back on track this week with my running. During my visit to Oregon last week to see my sister we did a bit of shopping. I bought the nike+ sensor for my shoe. There are many more fun things I want to buy in the realm of the fitness world, but I consider them rewards so they will have to wait.
  So the chip, (which has been out forever and to most runners is probably pretty lame), is awesome! Why? I'm not a hundred percent sure. I think it's just a subconscious thing. Just knowing that something is keeping track of what I am actually doing, has been very beneficial to me.
  I also had a major breakthrough this week which resulted in an increase of distance. Yay! I usually run in the gym, on a treadmill, with a set distance, and my results staring me in the face constantly. So this week, I made a change.
  After inserting my trusty chip in my bright pink shoes, I hit the streets. This time, with nothing more than a desire to run for 40 minutes. No set pace, no visual results. I focused on running slower and calmer. The wind was obnoxious and I felt like i was running slow enough that a turtle could surpass me but when i came home and looked at the results, I was amazed. I ran four miles!! Double what I usually run, and the crazy part... I ran faster than I usually do! This was Monday. Tuesday I woke up and really wanted to run again, but I made myself take a break. I usually get excited about a good run and over-do it too early, causing my stupid over-zealous shin splints to come back and haunt me. Wednesday, I felt sluggish but ran always, and again ran faster. Now it's friday and I hope to run further but it will have to be a later run, because this sun is amazing but a little warm to run in.

  What's your favorite music to run to?

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