Monday, April 4, 2011

What the heck was I thinking??

      I'm a complete dunce today. I couldn't stop thinking about going for a run ALL day. It was just so sunny and the perfect temp. for a run and I was excited. So as soon as I got home from school I threw on some workout clothes and shoes and ran out the door. Literally. Without stretching. Dumb. I know. Needless to say my run didn't go very well. I still did more than 4 miles, which for me is awesome. But it was not pleasant.

     So here I will lay with ice packs and heating pads attempting to baby my sore shins.


On a humorous note, I saw 5 deer!! I was thinking about how cute they were when they started to walk toward me. Then I was scared. So I walked for a minute. I mean that deer just looked at me like I was dinner. Talk about a role reversal! I really wish I had taken a picture.

But I do have a picture of these pretty flowers I saw. I nearly stopped breathing when I saw them. No, they were not that beautiful. They were riddled with pollen, which sucks - the air out of me that is.

What's on your wish list? What new thing do you want to buy to enhance your running experience?


  1. Hi! I'm blog hopping and found yours : )

    The ice pack is a frequent guest at my house. I'm always icing my back/hip b/c it is a always terrible. Did you warm-up at least? I swear my body feels like it is falling apart for like the first mile until I get into a rhythm...and then my cardiovascular system feels like it is going to die like half a mile later. Long distance runner, I am not!

  2. Hi! I love your blog and am glad you found mine! What branch are you and your hubs in? My brother is AF.

  3. Hey Tara. The hubby is also in the AF. I got out in October. Tell your bro thank you for his service!