Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finding a balance, life's little complications

     If you have been reading my blog lately, you may have noticed I have been REALLY excited about running! And I have increased my distance a lot. And I have made this blog look pretty sweet (at least I think so). BUT, I may have forgotten to mention that I am taking 15 credits at school and applying to nursing school.

     So today I really wanted to get out for a nice bike ride since it's a non-running day. But, here I sit. Reading, writing, studying, highlighting... mostly highlighting (I'm kind of obsessed). Remember I said I had addictions and obsessions: see here.

     I'm kinda bummed right now. But I guess it has to be done. I have kind of neglected studying lately. 
Maybe I'll do one of my cheesy video workouts. I just have too much energy to sit here much longer. 

     Tomorrow, I am headed out for a tempo run though. No matter what. I have my first race next Sunday. Yes, it's only a 5k, BUT it's my first race! And I want to do decent. 

Do you do tempo runs? Do you think they help?
What do you do for exercise when you can't get out for a run because it's too dark?


  1. I know exactly how it feels. I am doing like 18 bagillion credit hours right now and since it is finals I am struggling to balance studying with running.
    You are going to awesome on your race next weekend! 5ks are a lot of fun, I cannot wait to read about how it goes for you!

  2. I read an article on tempo runs in the latest Runners World. If you want it let me know and I can email it to you!!

    You're going to LOVE your 5k!!