Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Well that run blew...

... actually that was the wind. Holy moly. 
     When I got home from school today it was really windy so I relaxed at home for a bit thinking the wind would die down. After a while, I realized I was losing precious daylight and decided to check the weather channel to see what the wind's plans were. 

Local Weather Alert

Special Weather Statement for Santa Barbara County Central Coast, CA

From NNW at 23mph gusting to 29mph

Well crap....

     So then I spent the next ten minutes making excuses and telling myself skipping one workout would be okay. Then I remembered all of you, my wonderful bloggy friends! And I put on my shoes and went for a run.

     The wind was horrid since I was running into the wind almost the whole time!! But hey... it was a better workout right? Is it possible to get wind burn when running, because I think I did.

Lessons learned:

     In an effort to not get discouraged by the wind, I thought "hey if i look cute everything will be better." So I donned my cute Juicy sunglasses. Bad choice. I spent the whole run pushing them off of my nose. I should have just worn the not-as-cute but super sporty and made-for-running sunglasses.

     On a positive note, I am gaining more followers yay!! Honestly and truly, I am so thankful for you guys! Especially those that are not my family. O man that sounds harsh... What I mean is that you guys (non family members) keep me accountable. If I quit running, you'll stop following. So you guys are totally awesome. My family, whom I love, has to follow me know matter what :) That's what family does.

   I'm sore, so tomorrow I think will be a yoga day... don't worry I'll blog about that too!

What's your favorite non-running workout??


  1. Good call on the yoga. Sorry bout the wind, though! There's no way I would have gone out!

  2. yaaaaaaay yoga day :) wind reminds me of a later santa ana. Good luck!

  3. Way to get out there even with the wind! I can't/won't do yoga... it bores me.