Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Spring Break!!! Let's Run!

     With my first race just a mere 3 days away, I found out that it is a trail run with elevation. First thought: hmm.. maybe I'll just not do it. Ya right, I have been sooo excited to get my first race behind me, I want to do it! So then I got totally excited and a little freaked out because I hadn't done any hill training. I always run on the road, and my runs always seem to be perfect little rectangles. No winding, no gravel or sand, nothing; just pure flat road. So today's goal was to find a trail with hills.

 First,  I had to ditch my favorite shoes, because, let's just be honest here: they are way too cute to risk getting muddy. Vain, I know! But really, I love them, they have my initials and everything! So I switched it up and found my old running shoes... well look at that they are pink too!

Next up, I found a trail. It was perfect! Sand, gravel, hills, o and a pretty little lake to look at. Sadly, I had forgotten I switched shoes and no longer had my nike+ chip, so I really have no idea how far I ran. And since it's not a real road, I couldn't map it online. Boo! I REALLY need a Garmin. I think I shall convince the hubby when he gets back from his deployment (did I mention that's next week!!)

It was a great run though! Despite the bugs that flew into my mouth. Dang! Lap one went great and I was debating if I should run a second when I remembered that I hadn't taken pictures. So lap two it was!

   Now, if you're tired of seeing my face, you might 
want to stop now. Picture overload is coming!!
Taking pictures of my run was fun, not something I usually do, but something I think I will now try to do more often. It was really fun! And I mean this blog is all about ME, so I guess I can add butt-load of picture of ME. SWEET!

At this point, I was a little tired. I found these boats and thought about how nice it would be to row back to the other side. But alas, there were no oars AND that would be weak-sauce!

Then I found a puddle. Thought about running through it, but it was nothing compared to Rose's legendary mud-run pictures!

Then I found my way back to the hill. Mind you, this was lap two. I had already run the hill once. But I did it again! By the time I made it to the top, I felt AWESOME. I thought about the grit that Tara had when she completed her first half last weekend and I channeled her desire and I ran it again!!

Three times I ran that hill. Pretty sure I'm going to feel it in the morning. I love sore muscles, so I find that to be pretty stellar.

I know think I can complete my run on Sunday. I can't wait! I don't think I'm going to set a goal time. What so you guys think? This is my first race ever and there is no information about the trail I'm running so I really have no idea what to expect. I think I'll just be excited to finish it. I'll be praying it's not like the sand dune they had to run up on Biggest Loser this week! I mean that thing looked horrible!

Have any tips for my first race? Should I set a goal?          


  1. This is seriously beautiful! Where do you live again? I am so excited about your race!

  2. Your old work place sounds friggen awesome. I doubt I could get my employees to do that. I am tempted to walk around telling them to do push ups.

    That trail looks awesome! And, if you ever do a mud run, you have a puddle to train in!!

    Your goal for any first race of any kind should be to finish.

    Your next goal should be to have fun.

    Any goals after that should come for your SECOND race.

    Race without expectations first, and find out what you're capable of in a race situation. Then, immediately sign up for a second race, and set goals based on how you finished your first race.