Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To Run or not to Run???

     Remember all week how I kept mentioned all the studying I was doing? Well that test I had to study for, was today.


     So I came home and REALLY struggled with deciding whether or not to go for a run. I mean I really pondered it. I mean I pondered it so much, I took pictures....

     Yes, I'm aware how pathetic these look. I had a bad day remember!! So after taking them, I realized the question really was: To run or to binge eat??? 
     Then I thought about all the progress I have made and I finally dragged myself out for a run. The first two miles were awesome. I took out all my aggression from my day on the road. My speed was awesome.... Then I lost all momentum. I had vivid flashbacks of when I was young and irresponsible and neglected to fill my car's gas tank. The poor car sputtered to a stop as I pulled into the gas station parking lot. Once I lost my energy my form started to seriously suck, so in an effort to prevent injury I had to walk home.
     Looking back, all I can say is that at least I got out for a run. Here's to better days. At least I have Biggest Loser! And I might have to make some of this amazing peanut butter bread!

What do you do to find motivation after a lack-luster day?  


  1. Sorry your test didn't go well but WAY TO FREAKING GO and go run instead of binge eat. I probably wouldn't have made that same choice.

  2. I have to admit I probably would have been binge eating. Awesome job for running! I think that peanut butter bread sounds AMAZING!!!

  3. Even if it was a crappy run, it still kept you from pity-eating, and you still did two awesome miles. So, that's a success!