Friday, April 29, 2011

Crisco vs. Applesauce

What a busy week it has been!! Finally yesterday afternoon the hubby and I had some time to do something fun. We enjoy cooking together and we were craving cookies so we decided to compare recipes.

Choices were to use Mom's recipe with crisco and quite a bit of sugar or to use a new recipe with applesauce and limited sugar.

Taking photos of everything we do is something quite foreign  to my poor hubby. But he has been a very good sport! 
I however, am not so good at taking timer shots... I'll work on that.

    Both of our recipes, called for white flour but we substituted and used whole wheat instead. Even using the wheat flour (which usually makes recipes drier) the consistency of my batter looked a bit runny but I trusted the recipe and I'm glad I did.

     Both cookies turned out great! Corey actually thought
the healthy cookies looked better. He decided he wanted 
try each cookie with a blind-fold. After tasting each, he 
decided that although the could tell which was which, the 
healthy cookie actually tasted better. 
Much moister (yuck I hate that word!)
    Would we always make the healthier version?? No probably not. But it's good to know there are options out there to make our cookies much healthier.

    Today I think we are going shopping. My sexy hubby got very muscly while he was deployed and none of his clothes fit.
I mean look at him.... okay, okay that's not him. But you get my point.

I might have to buy myself something too. I'll be sure to share the goods with you guys.

O, what's that you ask, "aren't you going to workout?" Yes, my friends, I intend to run today. We might head to the beach and take our new puppy. If we do, then I hope to get in a beach run.

It's quite the adjustment having the hubby home. A good one of course, but I keep forgetting to blog. I have run twice this week and have a long run planned for tomorrow morning.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

What is your workout plan for today? Do you find healthier ways to bake? 

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