Thursday, May 5, 2011

Running in my sleep

     Life has been so crazy lately. With finals week looming around the corner, I have been so pressed for time that I am starting to feel crazy.

     Luckily, I have a crazy fear of taking even a week off of running so my workouts haven't been neglected but this poor blog has. I can't wait for summer!! No school or work. With so much time, I'll probably be blogging way too much.

     On a somewhat related note... I have been having some crazy issues with my sleep lately. The other morning I woke up and the hubby asked if had been dreaming about running. I guess I was moving my legs around like crazy. I seem to be having some type of restless leg issues... Anyone have any clues what this could be?

     Yesterday, I convinced my wonderful husband to go running with me.

     The planning started in the morning when I asked him if he wanted to go running, maybe do an easy 3 miles. By the time I got home from school I decided 4 sounded better. He was still up for the challenge (he ONLY lifts weights, no running for him usually.)

     So out for our run we went.... then I forgot how long the loop actually was. Nearly 5 miles later we made it back home. Hehehe poor guy. Needless to say he did AWESOME!  And we are going to start running together once a week. Yay!

    The good thing about him being so into weightlifting is that it has gotten me back into it a bit. So now I can outrun or beat the crap out of the crazy wildlife.

          Even polar bears, like my friend Will Ferrell

OR... maybe just be able to lift my ever-growing beast of a puppy...


 I am so excited for tomorrow.... NEW SHOES!! I am head up to SLO to get fitted for some new shoes. I have been running in... ahhh gasp... Nike Shox.  They are just so pretty, but so not designed for running. I am completely amazed that I haven't gotten hurt. 
I am curious to see what they fit me with.

Have you guys been properly fitted for shoes at a specialty running store? 

Did you find that their recommendations were right on? 

What shoe do you currently run in? (Of course, I'll get what fits me best, but I am curious what you are all wearing.)


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    Your puppy is too friggin' cute. I am such a sucker for dogs (and cats, and rabbits and...)

    And yay for gettng your husband out running! Way to be a great influence :)

  2. Oh wow! I made your blogroll? I am honored!

  3. I heart will farrell! And, your puppy is adorable--as a dog lover, you are awesome in my books!

    I am using Nike Vomeros now and just got some Frees for after the marathon. :) I'm a Nike girl too!