Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good Grades = AWESOME Run

    Yesterday I skipped out on running because I had an important test today and it was so worth it. After attaining a more-than-perfect score I was in an amazing mood today. Good mood Heather was excited to run.

    After my somewhat painful run on Sunday I have to be honest, I was scared to run in my shoes again. I am so scared of getting an injury it's crazy. I worry that if I got injured, I would lose all momentum and have to start back at square one. Is that logical?

   Anyways, point being that FEAR is a B*tch!

    Luckily, people can't hear your thoughts, otherwise people would probably think everyone is psychotic. 

    The first two miles I spent arguing with myself. I was having a hard time telling if the pain was from new muscles or a sprouting injury. Sometimes I can be a bit of a hypochondriac, but after listening to my body I decided it was just fear. Man that shoe salesman scared me with his "be careful not to hurt yourself" crap.

   Finally, I got my but in gear and enjoyed the run. Sometimes you just have to have faith and trust that your body will let you know how much it can take. Nearing the turn-off to head home I actually thought about adding a bit more, but just as this thought came to be, so did the rain. I'm such a sissy these days. In my days of living in Oregon I enjoyed a run in the rain.

    When the hubby  got home we did Abs on P90X. I am so going to feel that tomorrow!

Then for the best part of the day we had some delicious Indian Chicken Pitas for dinner, yummy!!
I sure love him!

   Tomorrow's Goals:
Lower Body weights (I must strengthen these poor leg muscles)

Do you fear getting injured? 

What did you have for dinner?


  1. Way to go!!!! Glad you had an awesome run!

  2. Those pitas look DELICIOUS.

    Last night I made my own calzones. They were pretty sweet.