Monday, May 23, 2011

Race Recap & Beautiful Santa Barbara Hike

Saturday I ran my second race. Yay me! It was a 4 mile run through the town of Goleta (just outside Santa Barbara for you Cali readers.)

This time the hubby and puppy got to come cheer me on. It was exciting to know that I had someone waiting for me at the finish line. During my first race, the hubby was still deployed, so I was lacking a support team.

The race started about 15 minutes late because they were still letting people sign up. Usually this would annoy me, but we had rushed all morning and it gave me some time to calm down.

When the race did start I felt really good. My calf had been bothering me all week, but miraculously it went away when the race started. It was only four miles so there isn't too much to report about. They did have a water station, and although I didn't need water at that point, I took some just to practice the act.

The race was mostly on the road and through the neighborhoods. Some neighbors had their kids out along the race and were cheering us on. It was cool. Made me excited for big races with lots of people on the sidelines.

I finished at about 40:55. I was very proud of that time. My usual pace is around 11:00, so I was expecting 44:00. My goal was 40:00, so I almost made it.

Hubby was there to get some awesome errr funny pictures.

I must work on looking happier when I run.

Puppy Lexie had a lot of fun. Pre-race I turned 
around and my hubby was surrounded by 
20 high-schoolers drooling over the puppy.

After the awards ceremony was over the hubby and I went to Freebirds to get amazing burritos.

 Freebirds is in Isla Vista which is where UCSB is. Needless to say we say a lot of interesting characters.

A lot of drunk/hungover people. It made me happy to know that while these kids were suffering through a hangover, I had already raced and was getting ready to go hike another 6 miles.

One of the creeks


The hike was beautiful!! We saw a ponds, creeks, waterfalls, and the best was the view from the top. We could see all of Santa B. including the pier and state street.

The whole day was just pure awesomeness. I was so proud of myself for racing and then hiking. I could easily say that I am in the best shape of my life (cardiovascular wise.) I am already looking for my next race and our next hike.  

Awww.. family photo

What did you do this weekend to be active? 
Do you hike?


  1. GREAT JOB GIRL! You should be so proud!

    LOOOVE Freebirds and what a gorgeous hike!

  2. You and I are meant to be BFFs, because James and I LOVE Freebird's!!! We eat there at least once a week.

    WAY TO GO on a great job!!! It makes a HUGE difference to know there are supporters waiting for you at the finish.

  3. Good job! Good pics too from the hiking trip :)

  4. Awesome run! Congratulations!

    Your hike looks beautiful! And your puppy is super cute :) What kind of dog is she?

  5. I did my long run and let me say your weekend looked way more fun than mine!