Friday, May 20, 2011

Crampy Calves and Race-Day Saturday

Ever since my long run on Tuesday my left calve has been cramping off and on.

I have hydrated, eaten bananas, taken ibuprofen, iced, and illicited numerous massages from the hubby.

Nothing has helped.

I need some help here people...

On a happy note, I have race numero dos tomorrow :)
It's another shorty, only 4 miles BUT it's for cancer and that is all that matters.

Hubby gets to go this time so I'm stoked to have a personal cheerleader at the finish line. The puppy is coming too:)

After the run, we are planning a short hike in Santa Barbara. A run and a hike? Heck yes!

Do you have any races planned this weekend?
Any advice for my cramping calves?

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  1. Have you looked in to getting compression sleeves? I use the sleeves that are at the bottom of this page: