Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PDR, heck yes!

What an awesome gloomy, rainy day. It was nasty outside and although I really should have been studying for finals, I did what any sane person would do... I went for a run. I got all geared up and decided to knock out my long run today. I have a race on Saturday so I wanted to make sure I got the long run in.

When I left the house, I wanted to do at least five miles but was hoping for six (which was my furthest distance to date). I had been feeling in a distance rut lately. I have gotten very comfortable running five miles.

Of course as soon as I left the house, it started to rain. But I embraced the rain. After all, it did keep me cooler.

I really tried to channel my inner child and enjoy the rain.
Despite the rain, I found myself pushing to go faster. And then I was pushing myself to go further. Each time I got to a turning point that would head toward home, I opted not to take the turn.

Once I got to six miles, I almost started to cry. I realized the moment my GPS six miles, every additional step was a PDR. I could have quit at 6.1 miles and still been happy. But something inside me was on fire.. I channeled EMZ and her mantra.. "you.FREAKING.got.this!"
I wanted to push myself. And push I did.

7.2 miles!!!!!

The last half mile, I started to feel a little dizzy and mildly disoriented. But I finished it out strong.
As soon as I got home I jumped in the bath to make sure my legs got some love. I wish I could have taken an ice bath, but I have never taken one and I am so scared it'll be painful and really cold.

For some reason, I have felt so sick all night since I have gotten home. Very nauseous. I think from now on, if I run that far I will need to take some type of fuel with me. I'm not sure what though. Just a gatorade? Something solid? Anyone have any tips as to when to fuel and what to fuel with? I have never even brought water with me. But I think the delirium was a clue that 7+ requires something.

My next goal:

What's the furthest you have run? How far is your long run scheduled for this week?
Any tips on fueling during long training runs?


  1. What a great post, and I love the pictures in it. :) I suck at thinking of funny/cute pictures to add.

    WAY TO PUSH IT! I'm so proud of you. Those runs are the best; when you feel on fire and unstoppable... like you could conquer anything!

    After my second half marathon, I felt super nauseous and sick. I had some stomach issues, but after a couple of hours, I felt much better. Maybe you're right and some fuel will help. I don't think I fueled properly, but like you, I was having a great run and didn't want to slow down!

    Again - WAY TO GOOOOO!

  2. Sweet PR!! And in the rain too! Personally I love running in the rain, but lots of people hate it. Good job!

    On my long runs, I fuel with clif shot bloks. I haven't ventured out and tried anything new (aside from powerbar energy blasts - no thanks). I only take them on runs longer than 7 miles and then every 30-40 minutes. I drink water all along the way.

    As for getting up early...ugh. I don't have any good advice. I'm still working on it. You just have to love running/exercising/your body, more than sleep!! (and go to bed early!)

  3. wooooo hoooo! congrats on your LDR! that's amazing. we call that a break through run. you will DEFINITELY need to get fuel and water for anything more than 7. i would say try as many out as you can. i like the Gu brand but others swear by Hammer Gel. you could even try bloks or chomps. just gotta see what works best for you. and always have water somewhere on your run. either put it out before you start OR get a hand held. seriously! always hydrate - it will save you!!! congrats again! (sorry to be preachy, just want you to be safe).

  4. oh and one more thing, take a Gu or Gel every 45 minutes to an hour of running. i took one Gu before my 1/2 and 1 at mile 6 which was abuot 50 mintues in. they really do help!

  5. Congrats on your PDR! That's awesome! I am working toward my first half marathon (less than two weeks!) and ran a PDR of 9 miles last weekend. I used to struggle with running so stick with it and you will get there! :)

    I think you might need to take in some fuel on your runs. Either take water with you or go on a route that has a fountain or access to water. I like to use Gu Chomps or the sport beans. Just depends on what your body likes :)

  6. Hi, I just found your blog and YAY for your PDR!!! I take fuel on runs longer than 6 or 7 miles and depending how hot it is, water on runs longer than 5.