Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Buns of Steel

     In an effort to strengthen my muscles and improve my running, today I focused on weight training. The last few weight workouts I have done felt monotenous. Like I was going through the motions. So before heading to the gym I googled. I love google, I mean how did people really live before google?

    So I consulted Runner's World and compiled a list of moves deemed "Runner-Specific."
 Then we were off to the gym. To avoid over-training, I decided to do some cycling to warm up. And to avoid boredom I brought a book.

        To be honest reading this book, I could have cycled all day. I was worried about reading and cycling because I thought I would slack and go to slow. Nope, not the case. I was so enthralled with the book, I was in a zone and going fast.

   Once I warmed up, it was time to see how my list of weight-lifting moves panned out. Verdict is..... I feel amazing. I think my specific words to the hubby were "that was one of my best workouts EVER!"

   Needless to say, my booty is sore already. O well, bring on swim suit season!

    I totally used to put on my Mom's sports bras as a kid and work out to these videos. They made me feel soooo grown up!

   It has been a good week especially after a rocky start on Sunday. I want to mention how awesome Tyly @ OneMileAtATime has been. She is constantly commenting and ensuring that I don't take my accomplishments for granted. If you don't already, go follow her. Her story is amazing! And she looks great.

    Who is the most inspiration blogger you follow and why? I'm looking for new inspiration so hook a girl up.

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  1. Uhhh, whoa! Did you really just give me a shout out on your blog? WOW! You just made my entire day, no week.. no, year! Thank you so much!
    I liked you before, but I love you now! :-D