Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The cost of healthy

Random post of the day... blog about running still to come.

First off, I lost a follower today :( If you guys have any recommendations for blogging ideas, pass them along.

Now to the real post, as I have mentioned a few times now, the hubby is home from his deployment. With that, brought a lot of adjustment.

While he was gone I really focused on eating healthier. More fruits, veggies, and lean protein.

The first week he was home, we had a difficult time figuring out what to eat. I didn't want to give up my healthier foods, yet he wasn't convinced he needed or wanted to eat healthier.

Fast forward three weeks and he is hooked on eating healthy. His words this morning were, "I'm getting really addicted to eating healthy. I couldn't imagine anything else."

     And I have actually seen this change in him. It is so exciting when someone you care about comes to a healthy living conclusion on their own. I mean my hubby went from being the guy who packed a hotpocket to eat during his night shift to packing fruit, almonds, ect.

     What I don't like, is the cost of eating healthy. Especially the cost of fruits, veggies, and most importantly, greek yogurt. Ooo Greek Yogurt how I love thee... I think I have an addiction. We seriously spend like $15/week on greek yogurt alone. On yogurt people... that's nuts!!!

     I think I might need to get a job to keep buying my beloved yogurt. (Who am I kidding, me work?)

Am I the only one experiencing this nonsense? 


  1. Don't worry about that follower you lost :( I read a lot of blogs but don't actually follow them. I just have majority of my favorite bloggers saved on google reader.

    All my husband wants to eat after coming home from a deployment is junk food. All the foods he missed while away. You just gotta lead by example and hope they catch on! Your husband did, so that's great!!

  2. hi! i just found your blog, i'm not sure from where though - i cant remember. anyways, i agree about the cost of greek yogurt. its crazy! but soooo good :)
    and the price of veggies/fruit - ridiculous!

  3. How great that your hubby is happy to be eating healthy with you!
    I finally got my hubs to love Greek Yogurt--now I wish he wasn't since it's twice the cost!!

  4. Yes, it IS expensive!!! It stinks that it works that way.

    James always does so much better when we do it together. We've decided to get healthy many times in the past, but this time actually has been different. We've stuck with it, made real changes, incorporated some splurges, and used our gym memberships on a regular basis! That's major progress for us both! :)

  5. I agree that it is very annoying how expensive eating healthy is.....what i do is go to the grocery store and buy all fruits and veggies that are on sale and then make what i can out of that for the week. Then at least I don't feel guilty for spending like 8 dollars on spinach! GOOD LUCK! and I do also fondly love greek yogurt. I have a recipe for you to make it at home that is much cheaper and tastes exactly the same. all you need is 1/2 gallon of milk and a small regular yogurt with active live cultures.

    here is a link to the recipe =)