Friday, May 6, 2011

New shoes mean faster running right?

     Today I spent an hour and a half trying on new running shoes. An hour and a half!!!! That is more time than I have probably spent on buying shoes in the last 10 years. I was so nervous I was going to make the wrong decision.

     We went to running warehouse so that I was sure to make a good decision.

I really like how they record you running on a treadmill so that they can analyze your gait and heel strike. 

    It was interesting to see that my running form and heel strike had changed (and improved, at least a bit.) Two years ago when I decided that I wanted to be more fit (which I failed at) I had run different and required a much more stable shoe. Today I only needed a neutral shoe.


     I am so thankful for Amanda at RuntoTheFinish for her email and advice on picking a running shoe. I felt that I went into the store more informed and was able to ask the right questions.

    For the first time, I picked a shoe based on comfort and feel rather than the color. My last shoes I bought prior to taking up running, as such, they were not designed for running. They were pretty.

    After explaining my tendency to get blisters on my arch and the random toe numbness I get we started the tedious process of shoe buying. My hubby related it to buying a car. I had to ask questions, know the history of the shoe, test drive it....

     In the end I made a decision.... I know you are all curious, so without further ado....
 Mizuno Wave Precision 11.

New shoes!!!! Not so cute but I swear I felt like I was putting a glove on my foot.  They felt made for my feet. LOVE.AT. FIRST.SIGHT (well maybe not sight...)

What I like about them:

  • Firm, yet comfortable heel cup.
  • Roomy (but not too much so) toe box.
  • Light
     Now of course, I haven't actually gone for a real run yet, but preliminarily, these are my thoughts. I am so excited to head out for my run tomorrow in a pair of shoes actually made for running. SO EXCITED!

    Happy Friday all!!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Do you have a long run planned? If so, how far?

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  1. nice! i'm so glad you got some sweet shoes! i REALLY need to get that done.