Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Workout-0, Puppy-1

     I have been MIA for a few days and to be honest, it feels a bit weird not writing on here every day. But I did have good reasons I swear.

     I purposefully took Monday to try and get my blisters to heal. I keep getting them on the arches of my feet :( I'd like to try new socks first before having to switch shoes. I have been looking at all the specialty socks but just don't know what to choose. Any recommendations?

    Okay now yesterday I had every intention of working out, but I kind of got distracted. This is why:

Meet Lexie,

9 week old black lab.

The Hubby and I have been wanting a puppy but have had a hard time finding one. They are either too old or cost WAY too much. But a friend saw the ad and yesterday I went to look. Long story short, she's ours!!

Now that she has a crate, I can get back to working out. We'll see how it goes today. Wish me luck. She is so cute and hard to leave.

Do you have pets?

Do you get blisters when you run? If so, what are your prevention tips?


  1. oh my word!!! congratulations! she is SO cute.

  2. What kind of socks are you using now? Regular cotton ones? If so, anything wicking will help with the blisters. I know Target has some cheaper versions of the fancy pants running socks. It might be worth trying those out first, since the ones at running stores can get crazy expensive.

  3. She is beautiful!!!

    I have two dogs and one cat, and they are our babies!!! My husband and I love them like children. They are our children for now!

  4. How precious!!! I have a bloodhound and a pyranees. Odd combo, right? I grew up with labs though. They are soo fun!