Friday, April 8, 2011

1/4 marathon... HUGE accomplishment today!!

..yes I know it's usually called a 10k.

Run Further Fridays
     Friday is my day to push myself. I have no school and therefore more time to convince myself that I can run further. My furthest run so far had been 5 miles. Last week. This week I wanted no less than 5, but I REALLY wanted 6.
     On Monday I made that desire public by posting it on Rose's blog when she asked what everyone's goals were:

Heather Elliott @ the desire to run said...

My goal is a 6 mile run this week. Very advantageous of me as my furthest run was a 5 miler on Friday. But I CAN do it :) 

 It worked amazingly!!!
     I ran all 6.24 miles without stopping except to take pictures for you my bloggy friends. Even still, less than 30 seconds total. That in itself is a big deal because I have asthma. More on that at a later date. It deserves it's own post.
     So now I grace you with pictures of my not-so-average views while running...

Yes, that is a tank machine.
And a missle. I see these babies launch all the time.
Run Recap: Mile by Mile

    Let me start by saying: I have never been prouder in my entire life! Mile 1 sucked, because well mile 1 always sucks. Mile 2 sucked because an old, gray-haired, wrinkly man passed me. That made me feel a bit defeated. I mean an 80 year-old man was lapping me. But by mile 3, I realized I was halfway done and was really getting into it. Mile 4, the legs started to feel like lead but I found some Black Eyed Peas on the ol' iPod and pushed through it. Mile 5 was the home stretch and I felt untouchable. 
By the time I was here, I only had a mile left and felt totally excited!!!!
See, I told you I was excited!!!

     So tomorrow I think I'll take it easy. And by easy, I mean I think I'll knock out 20 miles on my bike. IF(and that's a BIG "IF") the weather cooperates.

What's your biggest running accomplishment?? I'm new to this running thing, so I totally give you permission to top my 6 miles with an Ultra. I'll be there some day!


  1. This is amazing! I am so proud! : ) I can't wait till I can run that far, girl!

  2. Kick ASS!!!!!!

    And yay for pictures. Your runs are clearly super visually interesting.

    Duct tape. hahahhahaha