Monday, May 16, 2011

Something New

   Are you sensing a theme on my titles here? Totally un-related posts but the tittles worked. This title should properly be named "I LOVE my husband!", but I thought that was too mushy and worried you guys wouldn't read it.

    Before I get to the good stuff, lets cover some back ground info first.

    I am a slacker.......

I also tend to quit things when I don't see the results I intended to. These two horrible traits together have many times resulted in me quitting a fitness program. I have always had short term goals: getting bikini ready, weddings, photos, ect.

   When I decided to start running I had no short term goals other than distances. It was no longer about the numbers on the scale which to be honest I still check habitually, but I feel nothing when I see the numbers. It's also not about my pant size (I mean I wouldn't mind being smaller, but that's not my focus.) My goal is to be the healthiest I can be and to enjoy any activity that helps me get there.

   With all that said, I still know my bad traits are still just under the surface. That's why, when I started to pursue my running goals, I told myself I didn't get to buy all the sweet swag I wanted up front. So I set distance goals that I had to meet in order to buy certain things.

  • First 5k race resulted in a visit to the Nike Outlets and the purchase of a new outfit.
  • Sticking with running for two month garnered me new running shoes and special socks.
  • For my first half I had planned to buy a Garmin or similar..... Enter story about AMAZING hubby.

    On Saturday afternoon I had to spend hours studying for my oral spanish exam with a partner. Hubby had a few errands to run so he took me into town. Hours later when my head hurt from studying too much and the hubby came to pick me up. With. A. Present.

   Lovely hubby had picked me up the Polar FT60 G1. Heck ya! Heart rate monitor + GPS!
                     O geez, that's a lot of electronics... I'm going to be picking up alien frequencies!

   I tried it out Sunday. Did I like it? Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. We'll save that for my next post..

What's the best running-related gift you have received?


  1. Loving that picture! I'm curious as to whether you liked your HRM + GPS. What a sweet husband for picking your up a gift though! I'm your newest follower!

  2. So many things to say here.

    1. LOVE your wedding photo. OMG, could you guys look any more beautiful? And what scenery! Gorgeous!

    2. I am the QUEEN of yo-yoing, so don't even try to take that from me. I am so awful about starting something and quitting half way through, especially when it comes to weight loss/fitness/running, etc. I can't tell you how many times I've gained and lost the same 20 pounds! It also explains why I've completed two half marathons, yet I had to start all over with the C25K!

    3. Buying rewards works! I totally do the same thing.

    4. What a super sweet husband!!! And I totally laughed out loud at the alien frequency thing. Haha!

    This time will be different for BOTH of us! We won't quit! :)

    In all honesty, it already does feel different. I'm having fun trying new things and challenges, and I'm not going to stop! Neither are you! {I'm bossy today, huh?} :)


  3. What a great guy!! I hope you liked it. I really like running with GPS, its so motivating to see my pace.

  4. @ hubby - quit spoiling my daughter ;-) @ daughter - you do look a little weighed down with all that STUFF!!!

    YOU GO GIRL!!!! ;-)