Sunday, May 8, 2011

Running shoe blues

     Anticipation. Sometimes it builds so much it causes a complete letdown when the experience actually happens. Today this happened with my new shoes. It was disappointing.

     On Friday I went and bought new running shoes and I even blogged about how excited I was. Saturday morning I woke up and got nervous about taking my new shoes out for a run. It was windy and foggy and just plain yucky out there. So I convinced myself not to go running because I didn't want to taint my first experience with my shoes.

     Not wanting to be completely lazy, the hubby and I went to the gym and worked out our arms. He even taught me some things. Totally AWESOME. My. Arms. Hurt.

    Today I woke up determined to break in the new shoes. I ate a good breakfast and obsessively checked the weather patterns to determine the optimal time for my venture.

    Even with all the variables aligned, MY RUN SUCKED!

    When I bought my shoes, the salesman warned me that my body would feel different when I started using them. Going from such supporting shoes that were not designed for running to shoes with MUCH less support was a shock to my system.

    With every step I took, I felt my legs rebelling against me. While it was somewhat painful, I do think in the long (hopefully not too long) run I will like the new shoes. I felt my legs had to work harder and more muscles were actually engaged.

    I also think some of the discomfort may have been mental. When buying the shoes the salesman stressed how important proper form would be. Without the support of my shoes and proper form, an injury could be much easier.

     Tomorrow is a new day. Maybe my run will go better. I have faith.

Yes, Kara I can do it. And I will.

Have you ever had a letdown after buying new shoes? How did you get past it?

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