Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coffee difficulties, AKA "Stupid Barista!"

This morning I was hurting from lack of sleep. Well not so much a lack, I did get 7 hours which is great for me. However, my sleep was restless. My body was still rebelling against my awesome PDR yesterday. I went to bed still feeling a little sick which luckily has gone away. I did unfortunately wake up in extreme pain. My calves were cramping like crazy and they woke me up.

When I woke up I of course had to pee and jumped out of bed. BAD IDEA. My legs almost gave out. And my knee screamed at me. Stupid knee! Needless to say, I had a hard time getting back to sleep. (I feel fine now. Just normal muscle soreness)

Short story made super long, I was in dire need of coffee this morning.

I was too busy getting ready for school  hitting snooze that I didn't get to grab some at home.
Enter story about my anxiety of ordering coffee at a shop.
First there are way too many choices of what to get. Then once you finally decide what you want they ask
"What size?"

I swear my heart rate increase tenfold when they ask (maybe one day I'll wear my HR monitor and test this out)

For the life of me I can't remember the fancy names for the sizes. Yes I am a blonde.

So I ordered a Medium.... enter stupid barista, 
"You mean a grande?"
Yes you idiot I said medium! (Don't worry I just thought it)

It's finals week starting tomorrow so give me a break for the crankiness. Maybe I need more coffee.

Or maybe I am cranky that I have to cram (yes, cram b/c I waited till the last minute to study) for a final at 8 AM (WHAT?@!!) tomorrow.

But I don't want to study!

Do you procrastinate?  
Do you have a problem with ordering coffee or any other issues you would like to rant about??


  1. haha I like that cat drinking the coffee image

  2. I actually stumbled across your blog while procrastinating! I have a uni exam on Friday, and I swear all i've done is either run, read about running or watch Glee (guilty pleasure!) ... woops!

    Congrats on the PDR, and I completely agree with the coffee sizes! Why can't everything just be small, medium and Large?!

  3. Based on that cat's eyes, I think he's already had a couple of cups! Congrats on the PDR!

  4. I swear I freeze up in Starbucks! I want a coffee. That's it. Too many choices confuse me!

  5. Love the cat and coffee picture! I hate all coffee type products, so I don't have the same problem. :)

  6. I am the BIGGEST procrastinator. Whenever I have something due for school my house becomes amazingly clean (I do housework as an excuse to avoid studying/writing papers). It's pretty bad.

  7. I am the worst for procrastinating and then freaking out like a lunati when I feel rushed. Why do we do it??? I'll get back to you later with the answer.....LOL

  8. I'm such a big procrastinator that I'll put off procrastinating until tomorrow.

    My husband goes ballistic in line at a Starbucks because he can't remember all the words and what order they go in. I just order the same thing every time so I don't have to think about it. Love the picture!