Saturday, July 9, 2011

Struggles with the "I deserve it" excuse

This past week without my computer has been horrible. 

I never realized how many programs I use to keep myself accountable. I definitely missed reading and writing blogs, but what I found to be the worst, was my lack of food documentation. I usually use calorie counter and like many things in life, I never realized what I had till it was gone. (Cheezy I know.)

This week my workouts were pretty good. Most days I completed two workouts. What should have been a great thing wasn't because I sabotaged myself with the "I deserve it" excuse.

I found myself thinking, "I worked out twice, I can totally have a piece of chocolate, maybe even two..."(which actually ended up being many more sadly)

Don't worry I don't keep myself from such delicious delights, but I usually only have one piece a day and I track it on my calorie counter. The combo of the "I deserve it" excuse and the lack of documentation led to no accountability and resulted in disaster.

What a terrible mess I am.

There's always next week right?

At least I have my computer back. Yay now I can come back to calorie counting and blogging.

Do you guys struggle with this excuse? How do you cope?
(I like rewards, but a piece of chocolate each time I do something good just isn't going to help drop those pounds.)

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  1. Ugh, I totally get it!! In fact, I struggled a bit this weekend as you can see on my blog. I'm not at home right now, so I have no control over what is being made. I messed up last night, but I'm going to try hard not to do it again. I definitely fall into the "I deserve it" rut every now and again, but I'm more of the "but I NEVER eat this way, so once won't kill me!!" - and yes, while once won't kill me, does that mean I need a huge bowl of frozen yogurt with cookies on top, a fun size Hershey's and a fun size Kit Kat all in the matter of 10 seconds? NOPE.