Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Once is good, but twice is NICE!!

I am really starting to love working out twice a day. I'll actually be sad when I go back to school and I can only workout once.

Today's workouts:

AM: 20 min stationary bike warm up
        Upper Body Weights: 

  • Bench, 
  • Dips, 
  • Flys, 
  • Curls, 
  • Lawnmower, 
  • Tri-Kickbacks, 
  • Assisted Pull Ups,                         
  • Timed Sit Ups, 
  • Side Tap Crunches

PM: 12 mile Bike Ride

The numbers on the scale may not be moving much but if nothing else, I am becoming more physically fit.

So speaking of my bike ride, the afternoon one was outdoors on a real bike. It's a "mountain" bike I suppose. It's not the best bike but it does alright. What I am curious of, is if there is a noticeable difference in the way a road bike and mountain bike ride.

I know the road bike if going to be lighter and is actually made for the road. But for you cyclists: is there a difference in feeling between a road and mountain bike? Noticeable gear differences? Difference in the power?

The best thing about working out twice a day???
   ***Not feeling guilty about watching the NCIS marathon :)

What cross-training workout do you feel best improves your running abilities??
I would love to do the elliptical but my silly feet go numb within 10 minutes on those machines. I am definitely in a biking phase right now.

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  1. I am SO with you. I have loved the ability to get in two workouts! I'll be sad {for so many reasons - haha!} once school starts.

    I know nothing about biking! Haven't ridden a bike since I was around 10... :-/