Monday, July 11, 2011

Just call me "Ms. Hawaiian Tropics"

Yesterday's Workouts:

Ran 3.7 Miles.
25 min Yoga video

I was going to head to the gym with the hubby but a headache kept that from happening. Boo!

Since the hubby works a strange schedule, Sundays and Mondays are his weekend. And well, since I'm a bum, every day is my weekend! Needless to say, we decided to partake in a couple of adult beverages.
He's so sexy! Sorry, I had to brag for a minute. And yes, we did dress up just to drink at home. It was fun!

My mom and I are both subscribers to Bon Apetit magazine which is awesome because we constantly call each other to let the other know how good something was.

Enter Papaya Margaritas. She made them on July 4th and made sure to point my attention to the recipe. They were so good! And hey, they had fresh papaya, so that's kinda healthy right?

What's your favorite magazine to subscribe to besides RW? (I love Bon Apetit and Cooking Light, I love to cook can you tell?)

What's your favorite at home yoga video?

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