Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Training Advice and a Giveaway

In honor of National Running Day, Self Magazine is running a giveaway.
Head over here for a chance to win, or don't and I'll have a better chance to win :)

SELF Magazine is giving away running shoes all day long! Mizunos, New Balance, Newton, Asics, Vibrams, and more! Check it out!
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Now for the advice. My first half isn't scheduled until October and as such I am not following a training plan. Do you guys follow a training plan when you are not actually training for a race? Do you schedule what you are going to do in advance?

One thing I also want to focus on is being a morning runner. When school starts back up in the fall I want to be used to running in the morning so that I can run before class. This last semester I found myself either not running because I needed to study or I neglected studying so that I could run. So what are your morning run tips? Do you eat first or drink anything? Run on empty?

Right now I am an afternoon runner. I just have this fear that if I don't have food in me my run will suck. And when I have a bad run, I get discouraged. It's a strange thing. It's like my body is used to running but mentally I am not 100% there yet. I really hope you guys have some tips.

Do you have a goal for the summer?


  1. Thanks for the shoe giveaway heads-up!

    Due to the heat, I'm going to try and become a morning runner :/ I def have to eat something first, or I'll get sick.

  2. Ah, i wish i could be a morning runner, but i love my sleep! On the weekends i wake up early to run, only because i know i can nap afterwards. :)

  3. I teach a running class at 5:30 am in the spring/summer to get the class over before it gets too warm. If you find a running buddy or group to meet up with, it makes you accountable and you are more likely to get there. I get up about 45 min. early and eat 1/2 bowl of cereal and have my coffee. I have to have something in me or I get sick too. Hope those suggestions help!

  4. I am usually a morning runner, especially in the summer when it gets hot out. I try to eat a small bowl of oatmeal before I head out and a cup of coffee at least half an hour before I run. thanks for the heads up on the shoe giveaway. I would love free shoes!