Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I'm Baaaack! And with a vengeance...

Whew! What a trip. Ammmmaaazing. For those of you who are married, I HIGHLY recommend a long road trip before you start popping out kids. We had so much fun and I wish I could just tell you about everything we did. But I don't want to brag....too much anyways :)

Today's vacation edition is The Grand Canyon:

We spent three days enjoying the sights there.

We hiked two different days. "Hiked" may be a mild overstatement however, as the paths along the rim are relatively flat and paved. We weren't able to go below the rim because we had our puppy with us and dogs aren't allowed. We definitely intend to go back some time and hike down the Kaibab trail.

Our nights were spent playing games and reading around the fire.
It was definitely a change of pace and a very welcomed one.

Pro's and Con's of our G.C. Trip:


  • We were at the G.C. the first weekend of June which made for good weather. It was high 80's during the day and 30's at night. Both were pleasant even though we were sleeping in a tent.

  • Also because our visit was so early in the summer, the park was not crowded. That said, reservations are still highly recommended, (we had them luckily, we stayed at Mather Campground and it was full.) 

  • Pets not being allowed below the rim sucked(it limits you to the hikes on the paved trail, only about 11 miles total). We knew the rules ahead of time so at least it wasn't a shock. They do have boarding available though FYI.

While at the G.C. we did a really good job of eating healthy. One night having turkey taco salad and the other night we had turkey burgers. We may or may not have had smores :)

So what am I doing now that I am back from my trip?

Not a whole lot. Miscellaneous, boring , grown up stuff like the budget and organizing the house.
But I am working out... twice a day. Heck yes!

Yesterday, I did an easy 3 miles on the TM at the gym. It had been a while since I ran and I was worried about going at it too hard. In the afternoon, I was feeling stir crazy so I took the dog for a nice long walk.

This morning I did a killer arm and back workout that I am already feeling the results from. In a bit I'm going to head out for a 4 mile run. This wind is going to annoy me though.

I have been doing really good watching what I eat. 

Using a program online I have tracked everything I am eating. I decided that, while I am happy with the way I look, I could stand to lose a little weight. My goal is 10 pounds before school starts. That's 8 weeks, so we'll see what happens. 

Okay enough for now. Tomorrow's vacation destination is New Mexico. Ever been there? It was surprisingly beautiful, at least in areas.

What is your favorite National Park you have visited? Any that you really want to visit?

I really want to hit up Utah and visit the Arches, Moab, Zion and Bryce Canyon!


  1. looks/sounds like a great trip:) i really want to go to the grand canyon and my husband and i are discussing doing a road trip there next spring or early summer for our 3rd wedding anniversary. this year we went to yosemite, and i think it might be my favorite national park - its so breathtakingly beautiful. i went to yellowstone in wyoming when i was younger and it was beautiful too.

  2. Great pictures! So excited to head out on some mini road-trips this summer with the hubby. Would love to visit the Grand Canyon!

  3. Utah has really great parks! I am now looking forward to time with the hubby when the kids are all gone. I have several trips in mind! Love all your pictures, they're great!

  4. Holy crap, that vaca looks amazing. Grand Canyon just amazes me.