Friday, March 11, 2011

Blogging for motivation

I have never been a blogger. I have also never been a runner. Both are things I hope to accomplish before my 25th birthday this summer. I would consider myself active, but only in spurts. I, like a lot of the world, work out to achieve short-term goals. The months leading up to my wedding this past August, I made it to the gym five days a week. Of course as soon as my wedding passed, so did my unwavering commitment to getting my butt to the gym. My desire to work out has always been centered around an upcoming event or an obsession with attaining a goal weight. No more! I want to WANT to work out, specifically I want to wake up with the urge to go for a run. Some day I want to run a marathon but for now I just want to start and continue to run. So this is my attempt. I hope that my attempts encourage others and maybe make a few people laugh, but mostly I hope putting my desires into words serves to keep me accountable.

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  1. You can do it!!! And we (you and I) are not so different-I only say that so as to encourage you and so that you wont become frustrated- I use my blogs for accountability, I sign up for races because like you I need a goal. And when one race is done I can't stop...there are MORE and MORE!! I also am a veteran, and my hubby is in the Army. i started running during his first deployment to Iraq. I ran one race a month for 10 months and missed only one month, Dec, because the race was cancelled due to ice. So that was my way of setting short-term goals on a long-term schedule!

    Good luck to you!!! I'll have to follow along as you begin and carry through with this!! And if you ever need anything I'm just a blog or email away!! Prayers for your hubby and sending you calming thoughts and wishes for a speedy deployment!